Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pat Meyering Censured


(Edit 1/25/2014:  Sunnyvale is using a new version of video recording presentation which is incompatible with their old version so I am directing everyone to the YouTube versions here:
End edit of 1/25/2014)

Update: On May 7th the Sunnyvale City Council censured CM Pat Meyering.  A summary of all links related to that including the motion, public comments, CM Meyering's defense and counter-charges, and council debate are here:

The video below relies on feeds from the city.  If their site is not operating, the video will not show.  Check back later or go to the City website and download the original.

CM Meyering was addressing a proposal to pay about $1M to the city waste disposal company to replace equipment that CM Meyering felt the company should have paid for.

At 7:33 on this video, Vice-Mayor Griffith proposes the censure measure:

Related: City Council Members address should CM recuse themselves if they received campaign contributions:

This video is embedded from the  April 30, 2013 Sunnyvale City Council meeting recording available at

On the original video at that site, the video starts at the 2:54 (hr:min) mark.

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