Sunday, May 19, 2013

Corruption & Garbage Collection

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The issue that was being debated at the time Vice Mayor Griffith moved to put a motion to censure CM Meyering on the agenda was related to a garbage collection contract.  In the debate on the censure motion, Councilman Whittum alluded to issues that have arisen in other cities related to garbage collection. Cf:
Here are a few items related to crime and garbage collection:

1.  YouTube - Smithsonian Institute - 2 minutes on Mafia control of garbage collection in NYC:
"Trashopolis - Waste Disposal Means Mafia"

2.  "Waste Management World" - Article (2013) starting with "Twelve members of three New York crime families have been charged with racketeering conspiracy in the waste industry after multi-year investigation. ... A further 17 defendants are facing charges."  Contains 3 links to articles detailing similar problems around the world.

3.  "Waste Management World" - Article (2012) titled: "Crime Magnet: New Jersey's Waste & Recycling Industry"

4.  Waste management company "Service Corporation of America" and it's crime connections are outlined in the Wikipedia article here:

5.   Slate magazine article: "Why the Mafia Loves Garbage"

6.  A discussion on the issue here:

7.  Chicago Tribune - 1986
"The grand jury alleged Kelley received at least $6,500 of a $10,000 payoff to help Waste Management obtain an option to purchase property"

8.  Small town of Forsyth (pop 3800)

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