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Ethics 1: Sunnyvale City Council - April 19th, 2013 meeting

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(Edit 1/25/2014:  Sunnyvale is using a new version of video recording presentation which is incompatible with their old version so I am directing everyone to the YouTube versions here:
End edit of 1/25/2014)

On April 19th, 2013, the Sunnyvale City Council considered a number of proposals relating to the modification of the city plan related to property development.  This resulted in some public discussion about whether city council members should have recused themselves because they accepted campaign contributions either directly from the developer of the proposal before them or indirectly through SunPAC.  SunPAC is a political action committee formed primarily to promote the development of more office and apartment buildings.

Steve Hoffman spoke asking council members to recuse themselves because of this and was answered by Councilman Moylan by way of attempted rebuttal, saying that Sunnyvale was following state law and that to recuse themselves would deny citizens representation.  CM Meyering noted that there were differences of opinion on the issue, specifically one from a local University Center for the Study of Ethics which disagreed.

The following excerpt is from the April 19, 2013 video available at

This nearly 4 minute video excerpt starts just after the 33 minute mark on the video available at the above web site:

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