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Censure of Pat Meyering: CC Members Speak - May 5th, 2013 - part 5

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(Edit 1/25/2014:  Sunnyvale is using a new version of video recording presentation which is incompatible with their old version so I am directing everyone to the YouTube versions here:
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After the public comments, Vice Mayor J. Griffith spoke (the beginning of this excerpt, 4:26 on the city tape) in favor of the motion to which CM Meyering replied at 4:30 on the excerpt below.  CM Meyering alluded to an attempt he beleives was intended to trick him out of being able to speak.  This incident is referred to later by CM Whittum (who expresses regret) and CM Moylan who denies it was a trick and insists it was a valid motion.  The incident of 9/18/2012 may be viewed at


Then CM D. Whittum spoke (6:52 on the following excerpt) expressing regret for his role in trying to close debate at an earlier meeting (incident of 9/18/2012, see links above) and expressed the desire that things de-escalate.  He also said that the issue of the garbage contract was important and CM Meyering's comments relevant.

CM Moylan then spoke (12:19 below) in favor of the motion reciting various incidents in which he said CM Meyering had violated ethics.  One of the items was related to the former acting City Attorney, whom I understand to have been a former City Attorney temporarily filling-in while the City tried find a permanent City Attorney.  CM Moylan also spoke to the accusation that he conspired with other City Council members to trick CM Meyering so that CM Meyering would not be allowed to speak to the issue.  CM Moylan said he did not conspire and that it was a valid motion. (Incident of 9/18/2012 see the two links above.)

CM Davis (29:15 below) then spoke briefly in favor of the motion.

Then a vote was taken (32:30) resulting in passage of the motion 5-1, CM Whittum opposing, CM Meyering abstaining.  The CC then moved on to other business.

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