Monday, May 20, 2013

Meyering Censure Summary

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(Edit 1/25/2014:  Sunnyvale is using a new version of video recording presentation which is incompatible with their old version so I am directing everyone to the YouTube versions here:
End edit of 1/25/2014)

The following links contain most of the relevant videos for the City Council Censure motion:

Part 0: Initial Disagreement and Motion to Put a Censure Measure on the Agenda 
(Update 5/23/13: A $1M+ payment to Sunnyvale's waste management firm to replace equipment that did not do what was intended comes up.  CM Meyering asserts that several members have received campaign contributions from the co. and should recuse themselves and that the deal is overly generous to the co.  CM Griffith moves to put a censure motion on the following meeting's agenda.16 minute video)

Part 1:Public Comments on the Day of the Censure Vote:
(Update 5/23/13: 12 minute video of 4 residents speaking about the previous meeting's incident.)

Part 2:Reading of  Charges Against Pat Meyering: (10 minute video)

Part 3:Pat Meyering's Defense and counter accusation: (17 minute video)

Part 4 - Further Public Comment before the vote (very interesting)  (Update 5/23/13: About 33 minutes video.  Most spoke in opposition to the censure - several from their own unsatisfactory experience with Sunnyvale and other cities.)

Part 5 - CC Members speak and vote: 33 minute video - motion passed 5-1, CM Whittum opposed, CM Meyering abstained.


A.  Referred to several time by Pat Meyering and other City Council Members is the incident where
CM Meyering ceded his time to speak to the Mayor and then a motion was made and quickly passed to cut off debate before CM Meyering could speak:

B.  Were allegations true?  It was not immediately clear to whom CM Meyering was referring when he stated that Council Members had received contributions form waste management.  The Sunnyvale Sun initially said there were none.  The Sun later corrected their error.

see also:

C.  Earlier discussion of Conflict of Interest.  Steve Hoffman raised the subject during public comments.  CM Moylan spoke strongly against him.  CM Meyering noted that there was a difference of opinion.

D.  The original debate was over a waste collection contract.  CM Whittum later obliquely referred to issues related to waste management.  Collected here are some professionally done videos and reports on civic corruption and waste management:

E.  Moral and Legal implications - is the motion being considered fairly?

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