Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Campaign Contributions & Conflict of Interest - I

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Several people have claimed that Councilman Pat Meyering was making false accusations when he said that council members had received campaign donations.

This is not correct.  There were at least two contributions from "Specialty Solid Waste" to members of the City Council.  The owner of Specialty Waste is Jerry Nabhan as seen at: 

He has at least two direct contributions to CC members campaigns.

One is Nabhan's contribution of $200 to CM Moylan 
as seen in this PDF of a filing with the CA Fair Political Practices Committee (FPPC) for January through June of 2009.

and the other is $300 to Mayor Spitaleri.

Mayor Spitaleri tried to stop CM Meyering from speaking and Moylan voted for the censure of Meyering for mentioning this.

You can also see Moylan, Spitaleri, and others trying to silence Meyering at an earlier meeting here:

In that last post, it is Meyering's turn to speak, Mayor Spitaleri asks Meyering if he can go first, Meyering pleasantly agrees, then Moylan makes a motion to cut off debate right after Spitaleri speaks.  It is shameful bullying of Meyering by Moylan, Spitaleri, and others.  Meyering is more sinned against than sinning.

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