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Meyering Censure on YouTube - Part 1

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On May 7th the Sunnyvale City Council censured CM Pat Meyering.  Here is a summary of YouTube links to videos related to that including the motion, public comments, CM Meyering's defense and counter-charges, and council debate.  A different format requiring Microsoft's "SilverLight" may be vewed here from Sunnyvale City servers:

Omitted for now are the 33 minutes after public comments when the council members discussed the motion of censure.  They will be provided later.  It is very time consuming doing this and I know from the other version of this that the Council discussion is the least viewed part of this whole thing by a ratio of 12 to 1.  That council discussion is available in a different format here:

1.  A $1M+ payment to Sunnyvale's waste management firm to replace equipment that did not do what was intended comes up.  CM Meyering points out that several members have received campaign contributions from an officer of the co. and should recuse themselves.  CM Meyering argues that the deal is overly generous to the garbage collecting co.

Meyering Censure 1:  Prelude

2.  Vice-Mayor Griffith proposes the censure measure and others comment on the motion:

Meyering Censure 2: Motion By Griffith

3.    Public Comments on the Day of the Censure Vote - 4 residents speak about the previous meeting's incident for about 3 minutes each:
Meyering Censure 3: 1st Public Comments

4.  Mayor Spitaleri Reads Charges Against Pat Meyering:
Meyering Censure 4: Charge Read

5a.  CM Pat Meyering (who is a lawyer) starts his defense claiming he only saw the formal charges a few hours before the council meeting.  CM Meyering says that there is no opportunity to mount a proper defense.  He then criticizes the management of the garbage contract that was the source of the censure motion.
Meyering Censure 5a: Defense pt 1

      5b. Pat Meyering continued his defense claiming he only saw the formal charges a few hours before the council meeting:
Meyering Censure 5b: Defense pt 2

6.   Before each agenda item, the public is allowed 3 minutes per individual to make comments.  There were 12 members of the public speaking for 3 minutes each.  It is broken down into four 6- to 9-minute segments 6a, 6b, 6c, & 6d.

6a. CM Meyering Censure 6a: 2nd Public Comments.  
Sandra Pacheco speaks in support of Meyering recounting her father-in-law's experience as mayor of San Carlos.  Terry Fowler speaks against Pat Meyering.

6b.  Meyering Censure 6b: Public Comments by Tap Merrick, Andy Maloney, Mei-Ling Stefan

6c.  Meyering Censure 6c: Public Comments by Andy Frazer, Ray Johnson, Barbara Fukumoto

6d.  Meyering Censure 6c: Public Comments by Larry Alba, Steve Hoffman

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