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Censure of Pat Meyering: More Comments - May 5th, 2013 - part 4

Public Comment Before the Agenda Item is Discussed by the City Council

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The video excerpt below starts at 3:53:15 on the May 07, 2013 video available at

After CM Meyering spoke in his defense, the general public was able to speak for up to 3 minutes per person.

1.  Sandra Pacheco spoke first in favor of Pat Meyering.  She cited her personal observations of how city business was conducted in San Carlos.

2.  Terry Fowler then spoke in favor of the censure motion (3:10 on the selection here).  In response to a question by Mr. Meyering, Mr. Fowler said he voted for Mr. Meyering although as CFO of the Sunnyvale Democratic Club he might logically have been expected to support Democratic Club member Bo Chang who ran against Mr. Meyering.

3.  Tap Merrick (running for City Council against CM J. Griffith) then spoke in favor of Mr. Meyering (8:02 here).  He mentioned that he had previously endorsed and supported Mr. Spitaleri in his last run for City Council.

4.  Andrew Maloney then spoke in favor of Mr. Meyering and in opposition to the motion.   (11:29 mark here).  He also mentioned his own experience of ten years ago trying to get the downtown plan modified to be a financially viable effort and the frustration he felt contending against a CC aligned with the developers.

5.  Mei-Ling Stefan then spoke very eloquently in opposition to the motion. (14:40 here).

6.  Andy Frazer (running for City Council against Mr. Gustav Larsson) spoke in opposition to the motion and for a meeting of reconciliation. (17:05 here). 

7.  Ray Johnson (19:35 on the video selection below) spoke for Pat Meyering.

8.  Barbara Fukumoto then spoke in favor of the motion against Mr. Meyering. (23:15 on the selection here).

9.  Larry Alba spoke on behalf  (26:28) of Pat Meyering.

10.  Steve Hoffman (running for City Council against Mr. Hendricks) then spoke in favor of Pat Meyering, urging the citizens of Sunnyvale to vote on the issue of Conflict of Interest in November.  (29:48 below).

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