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Link to Videos of Meyering Censure

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(Edit 1/25/2014:  Sunnyvale is using a new version of video recording presentation which is incompatible with their old version so I am directing everyone to the YouTube versions here:
End edit of 1/25/2014)

Incident which started it all - Meyering says Council Members (CM) who received campaign contributions should recuse themselves from voting on an issue affecting the contributor.  CM Jim Griffith moves to make an agenda item to censure CM Meyering:


Reading of  Charges Against CM Pat Meyering

Pat Meyering spoke in his defense immediately after Mayor Spitaleri read the censure motion:

Related: City Council Members address should CM recuse themselves if they received campaign contributions:

Public Comments on the Day of the Censure Vote:

Public Comment Before the Agenda Item is Discussed by the City Council

After the public comments, Vice Mayor J. Griffith spoke (the beginning of this excerpt, 4:26 on the city tape) in favor of the motion:  

CM Meyering alluded to an attempt he believes was intended to trick him out of being able to speak.  This incident is referred to later by CM Whittum (who expresses regret) and CM Moylan who denies it was a trick and insists it was a valid motion.  The incident of 9/18/2012 may be viewed at

The Motion to Censure Pat Meyering - Legal/Moral Issues

The issue that was being debated at the time Vice Mayor Griffith moved to put a motion to censure CM Meyering on the agenda was related to a garbage collection contract.  In the debate on the censure motion, Councilman Whittum alluded to issues that have arisen in other cities related to garbage collection.  Here are a few items related to crime and garbage collection:

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