Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sept. 2013 Sunnyvale City Council Candidates Forum Videos

Here are the web locations of my videos of the Sunnyvale COOL 2013 City Council Candidates Forum.  I spent over 1/2 a Saturday editing and processing these so for my own sanity I left out some topics where they had nothing to say (bike safety - they're all for it) and/or sounded identical (Energy - Community Choice Aggregation was all anyone said - it was left completely unexplained - moderator tried to explain it but failed utterly).

I would recommend #4, #6, & #9 as where they most differ.

(Edit 10/6/2013 my response to criticism that I left out some things is at the bottom after the links)

These were shot in HD but since not everyone has a high speed line, I reduced the resolution a lot.  I'm not a professional at this so lots of video mistakes - sorry, but you get what you pay for.

- Michael Goldman

1. Andy Fraser 1 minute Intro

2. Steve Hoffman 1 minute Intro

3. Tap Merrick 1 minute Intro

4. Steve Hoffman and Glenn Hendricks on Housing

5.  Transportation

6.  Lawrence Station Development plan

7.  Water Use

8.  Dump & Stevens Creek Bike Trail

9.  Open Space, ABAG, Butcher's Corner

(Edit 10/6/2013: In response to criticism that I left out stuff:  This took me most of one Saturday in a lot of very tedious work.  After I did the first 3 "intros" and realized how long it took, I decided that they all said "I only want to serve Sunnyvale" and that no one would expect anything else so I cut to the meat - such as it was.  I didn't feel like deleting what I had already posted nor did I feel like working until 3 AM to get every precious word out.

Much of what was left out was designed to offend no one and inform no one.  If I only included what I considered the good points it would be much shorter.  There were a number of other videos taken.  No one is stopping anyone else from publishing the entirety.  There is a reason people read a newspaper and not the Congressional Record.

I didn't include Gustavo Magana except once because he is not a candidate likely to win and I was concerned with battery life - I ran through one battery and almost exhausted my second.  He comes across as a very nice, intelligent person.  If Sunnyvale had an "instant runoff" election rather than the "plurality wins" type he would be much more interesting.)

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