Saturday, September 28, 2013

Butcher's corner with 10 story apt

(Update: 9/28/2013 - For another view of what this might look like, see: )

What would Butcher's Corner look like with a 10 story apt. on it?  I don't know of a 10 story apt. complex in Sunnyvale but there is one in Cupertino on Steven's Creek off of De Anza Blvd. so I photographed it and tried to superimpose it on the current Butcher's corner.

Current Butcher's Corner from the 7-11 across the street:

Butcher's Corner with the Cupertino 10 story apt. building superimposed:

Obviously this isn't a professional editing job but gives you an idea of scale.  If anything, I think the apt. is a little smaller scale than it should be since it is next to a 2 story townhouse, and if you measure 5 of those townhouses on top of each other to get a 10-story building, you go above the superimposed apt. picture.

Many I've talked to think the 10-story apt. building is just an opening bid, so that if it gets scaled back to "merely" 6-7 stories, everyone will think it was a great victory for community action.

Some are afraid that if the whole project is postponed until after the election, a pro-development city council will pass it right on through without question.  Eleanor Hansen has framed this election as a referendum on building density at her web site here:

Jeni Pfieffer has characterized candidate Larson as uninvolved in community action against higher density contrary to a local editorial:

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