Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another View and Update on Butcher’s Corner

Here is how Butcher’s Corner might look if an eight story building were built next to the condo’s on Fremont Ave.  This photo was shown at City Council on Sept 10th.  You can see the difference in mass.

Ed Cramer's slide:

Holly Lofgren, from the Butcher’s Corner group says that while the developer proposed a structure that is ‘up in the clouds’, the neighbors want something ‘subterranean’.  She says there is no way that 6-7 stories will ever come close to fitting the area.

The group is proposing strongly that annexation be delayed.  The reason is that the audience learned in the Sept 10th hearing that if the property were annexed at this time, there is a state law that prohibits changes to its zoning for two years.  The property will require a number of zoning and planning ‘reconciliations’ so this would tie the hands of the council to act on our behalf – not good!

Update – Next year’s council will decide on the details of the use permit for this property.  It won’t be brought forward until then.  So, consider whom you want to make these decisions.

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