Monday, April 14, 2014

Work with the Sea - Don't Fight It!

The Dutch have hundreds of years working against the sea and have decided it is better to give in and learn to live with it.

NYT article here:

When I heard about the sea wall idea I thought it was a joke, a very bad joke.  I still think it is a joke, but many obviously do not see the humor.  Evidently some have no idea of what they are up against.  Let's see, puny humanity vs. Mother Nature - hmmmm - where should I place my bets???  I wonder...

A Sea Wall Didn't Help at ALL!
If you think about it at all, you realize that any sea wall has to be 100% effective, 100% of the time, with constant maintenance to fight the sea.  Does that sound like how the US treats infrastructure?

Also, North American coasts are partly sinking because the glaciers that formerly covered much of the central part of the continent have receded over the last few thousand years.  The effect of the glaciers was to push down on the center of the continent and as a result the edges pushed up - like pushing down on a hot water bottle.  With the glaciers mostly gone the land on the edges is sinking back down.  This all happens over thousands of years, but it is an ongoing process.

NYT Article here:

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