Monday, March 3, 2014

Cities on Verge of Bankruptcy?

If you search on "Cities on the verge of bankruptcy" you get over 8M hits.  Some results from the last 6 months or so.  Budgets aren't comparable because some cities include the public schools while others have separate school systems with their own independent budgets for schools.  Some cities do everything, others leave many responsibilities to the county government.
  1. LA: pop 3.8M, annual budget $7.2B - Since 2008 cut civilian workforce from 14,000 to 9,000 - huge cuts to the police and fire departments, cutting the Recreation and Parks Department. , and
  2. San Diego: pop 1.3M. annual budget $2.8B - severe cuts to public/higher education sectors, fire engine cutbacks, etc.
  3. San Jose: pop 971,000, annual budget $2.8B - just laid off police officers. Last year, laid off firefighters, closed libraries, community centers.
  4. San Francisco: pop 800,000, annual budget $7.3B (City and County of SF combined):
  5. Washington, DC: pop 600,000, annual budget $9.6B including $3.2B in Federal funds -
  6. Baltimore, MD: pop 620,000, annual budget $2.7B - (very hard to find the actual budget numbers in city reports).  Implemented rotating fire company closures; shortened library hours and the swimming pool season; cut funding for an array of services, including park maintenance, street lighting, median mowing, cable television, and the 311 call center; and abolished more than 1,000 positions. The City also deferred $7 million in contributions to the Affordable Housing Fund and reduced Motor Vehicle Fund capital spending from $60 million to zero. and Citizens Guide to the Fiscal 2012 Budget

Lists 10 CA cities in "distress".  Includes San Jose, Oakland, & Fresno.

Adds Honolulu, HA; NYC, NY; and Chicago IL to the mix.

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